25th GAZTERM Conference

Adam Wawrzynowicz, Managing Partner of W&W, led Panel no. VIII entitled, “The prospects of gas as a bridging fuel in the context of the current methane strategy and EU taxonomy” during the 25th GAZTERM 2022 Conference. The topic of the panelists’ talks was the issue of the status of natural gas as a bridge fuel in the face of tightening climate policy. The talks concerned new technologies in the energy sector, financing the decarbonisation of the gas industry, barriers faced by energy companies on the way to greening their activities and the so-called EU taxonomy.

The panelists included Artur Cieślik (PGNiG SA), Krzysztof Hnatio (Tauron Polska Energia S.A.), Jakub Pokrzywniak (WKB Law Firm) and Bartłomiej Mazurkiewicz (PGNiG Ventures sp. z. o.o.).