An Article by Adam Wawrzynowicz and Tomasz Brzeziński in the June issue of ‘Gas Review’

Adam Wawrzynowicz, Tomasz Brzeziński Przegląd Gazowniczy, czerwiec 2021

The June issue of Przegląd Gazniczy (Gas Review) published an article by Adam Wawrzynowicz and Tomasz Brzeziński titled, ‘The prospects for natural gas as a transformative fuel in the context of the EU Taxonomy’.

One of the assumptions of the European Green Deal adopted in 2019 is to reduce the emissions of the gas sector, which is to take place, inter alia, by increasing aid for development work in the field of low-emitting gases. The criteria for investors and financial institutions to assess whether specific investments applying for financing are environmentally sustainable are indicated in the so-called “EU taxonomy”, namely Regulation (EU) 2020/852 on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment.

The article deals with the prospects for the development of natural gas in the context of the aforementioned regulation and the further EU actions announced in connection with the regulation.