KAMIL IWICKI „Nowa Energia” nr 02-03/2015

The article from W&W’S Kamil Iwicki  covers the most important provisions of the current Regulation, and forms the conclusion that such provisions are inadequate for the present situation on the natural gas market, in particular in relation to the ever greater degree of competitiveness in the market. The present arrangements for gas supply diversification are discussed and reasons are given for why the obligations laid down in the Regulation are very difficult to implement by Polish energy companies. The article also indicates that there are further reasons why it was decided to prepare a new Regulation.

The article analyzes the changes which have necessitated the establishment of a new draft of the Regulation and examines the current problems of interpretation and application of the 2000 Regulation. The most frequent complaints in relation to the current diversification Regulation concern the difficulties of interpretation and in particular the interpretation of fundamental concepts such as “import” or “country of origin of gas” which are not defined in the 2000 Regulation or in the Energy Law. The draft Regulation is an attempt to address these ambiguities.

The article, “The draft of the new diversification Regulation” was published in the latest issue of the magazine “Nowa Energia ” No. 02-03 / 2015, p. 24 – 26.