CATHERINE DZIĄĆKO „Energetyka cieplna i zawodowa” No. 8/2014

The paper primarily focuses on the remuneration obligations payable to the contractor in contracts concluded for a period longer than 12 months, as specified in the new paragraph 5 of the amended Article 142 of the PPL. The author argues that the changes associated with the price adjustment mechanisms of long-term contracts “can cause the greatest economic consequences for economic operators on the market.”

There already is, of course, the possibility for the ‘alignment’ of remuneration in the form of an automatic price adjustment mechanism or the opportunity to amend a contract, which may be introduced to an agreement on the basis of Article 358 (1), paragraph 2 of the “Civil Code”. However, the application of the provisions on increasing the remuneration for the contractor has, so far, proved very popular because of the difficulties of precise budgeting.

Attention is also given to the transitional provisions relating to long-term contracts which were concluded before the entry into force of the amended provisions of the PPL. These transitional provisions allow parties to an agreement to renegotiate salaries.

The paper concludes that the introduced amendments will significantly contribute to the proper development of economic operators in the energy industry.

Article Fri. “Improving market performers” was published in the latest issue of the bimonthly “Thermal energy and professional” (No. 8/2014). We encourage you to read the publication in the magazine or to download an article by Catherine Dziąćko from our website (PDF below)

“Improving Market Contractors” is published in the latest issue of the bimonthly publication “Energetyka cieplna i zawodowa” (No. 8/2014). The whole article (Polish language version) can be viewed in the publications section of our website.