• Energy and gas sector regulations

  • New technology and intellectual rights




Wawrzynowicz & Partners law firm

Wawrzynowicz & Partners law firm is one of the leading Polish law firms involved in providing legal advice to businesses operating in the regulated sectors of the economy. The law firm focuses on legal and commercial advice in the gas, electricity, and heating sectors, as well as in the renewable energy and telecommunications sectors. The dynamic team of a dozen lawyers, with years of industry experience provides highly specialized services in regulatory affairs in gas and energy, public procurement law and infrastructure investment processes. A further important activity of the office is devoted to competition rights.

Our Clients are operators in the electricity, gas and telecommunications sectors. Wawrzynowicz & Partners law firm, and the team of lawyers it has brought together, has for many years been engaged in the provision of legal advice to the largest Polish energy groups, including, amongst others, advice on the various aspects of the regulatory environment of the gas industry.

Our lawyers participate in the shaping of the provisions of the legal environment of its clients, often in cooperation with trade organizations.


We offer assistance with regulatory guidance related to, in particular, the natural gas market (across the wider gas industry) and generally in the area of energy law and related regulations. We represent our clients in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (including on matters relating to the granting of a license for gas trading in Poland and abroad, and the distribution, transmission and storage of natural gas. We also have extensive experience in the preparation and conduct of proceedings to obtain a license to trade electricity energy. As a member of the counselor chambers of commerce and other trade organizations, we also take part in the development of the main laws for the energy market in the country.


We offer comprehensive advice related to the purchasing process for both the regulated awarding authorities resulting from the Public Procurement Law (Act dated. 29 January 2004) and for authorities not covered by the PPL. The scope of our services includes advising both awarding authorities (in particular in sectoral awarding contracts) and the economic operators acting as contractors. Our team consists of highly experienced practitioners, having a rich experience of the application of Public Procurement Law in their daily work in large energy companies.


We provide comprehensive legal services for businesses. We support companies and businesses operating in regulated markets and those operating outside these sectors. We provide legal assistance, both for specific business projects and under ongoing consultancy contracts. Our aim is always to be as close as possible to the projects carried out by our clients and to strive to understand the specifics of client activities, including the technical aspects. This approach ensures a level of optimal cooperation between the client and the advisor.


We offer legal advice related to the regulatory aspects of gas and electric power. Alongside this fundamental pillar of our business, we provide legal assistance in the areas of public procurement, investment processes and infrastructure projects, consumer protection and antitrust law, new technologies, and intellectual property. Our team of consultants also has experience in advising corporate-wide, especially for large enterprises with multi-branch structures.