Gas Industry Commitments under the Law on Electro Mobility and Alternative Fuels

Adam Wawrzynowicz i Tomasz Brzeziński Magazynu Izby Gospodarczej Gazownictwa „Przegląd gazowniczy” nr 2/2017, s. 20-21

Published on April 27, 2017 in the Public Information Bulletin of the Government Legislation Centre, the draft law on electro mobility and alternative fuels envisages, inter alia, new responsibilities for the gas distribution system operators to develop refueling infrastructure for CNG and LPG vehicles. The bill seeks to implement EP / Council Directive 2014/94/EU of 22 October 2014 on the development of alternative fuels infrastructure.

Under the Directive, the Member States were obliged, inter alia, to create a sufficient number of LNG and CNG refueling points and to provide relevant information to users of alternative fuel vehicles. The draft law on electro mobility and alternative fuels imposes a number of obligations related to the implementation of the tasks set out in the Directive for distribution system operators. An article by Adam Wawrzynowicz and Tomasz Brzezinski discusses the particular responsibilities of the DSOs as envisaged in this project.

The article by W&W’s Adam Wawrzynowicz and Tomasz Brzezinski, entitled “Gas Industry Commitments under the Electro Mobility and Alternative Fuels Act” was published in the latest issue of the Gazette of the Chamber of Commerce of the Gas Industry, “Przegląd Gazowniczy” no 2/2017, p.20-21.