The impact of the liberalization of the natural gas market on polish energy security

Kamil Iwicki, Piotr Janusz, Adam Szurlej “Rynek Energii” no. 3, June 2014 / 30.06.2014

The main aim of this article is to discuss the changes that have taken place in the domestic natural gas market, with particular attention to changes in market liberalization and its impact on Polish energy security. The analysis begins with the approaches relevant to the development of a competitive gas market regulation at the EU and national level, including the “Energy Tri-pack”, the amendment to the Energy Law, the dispositions on SOS, and the law on reserves and its amendment, as the basic regulations in terms of energy security in the area of natural gas. The article presents the main determinants on the natural gas market in Poland and highlights the strong growth in the recent 2010 – 2013 period. Despite some progress, the domestic natural gas market is in the early stages of creating a competitive market. The analysis concludes that in the legislation there emerges the lack of a consistent approach to the liberalization of the natural gas market and the energy security of the country in the field of natural gas. It is worth noting that some of the national legislation is not consistent with EU rules. (abstract)

“The impact of the liberalization of the natural gas market on Polish energy security” appeared in the latest issue of the bimonthly ” Rynek Energii ” No. 3, June 2014. (P. 3-13)
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