Tomasz Brzeziński


Attorney-at-law and graduate of the Law Faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Tomasz has concentrated in his professional experience on providing legal assistance to energy companies operating on the gas, fuel, electricity and heating markets as well as for telecommunications companies. He has, since 2007, been a member of a team of lawyers specialising in the energy sector and headed by Adam Wawrzynowicz. Tomasz is one of leading experts in energy practice at Wawrzynowicz i Wspólnicy Law Firm

Tomasz specializes in legal consulting for companies in the energy industry, in particular in the gas sector. He co-created the legal concept and regulatory process for the legal separation of the storage system operator from the vertically integrated mother company in line with the entry into force of the 3rd Energy Package. He is the co-author of the Storage Services Regulations and the procedures for the provision of new storage capacities.

He advised and acted as a plenipotentiary in concession proceedings initiated before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office in connection with the process of separating the gaseous fuels and electricity retail trade segment of the PGNiG Group. He also provided regulatory service for the consolidation process of the gas fuel distribution segment of the PGNiG Group, including representing DSOs before the President of the ERO in proceedings regarding the change of concessions and decisions in connected with consolidation.

As a member of W&W’s energy practice, Tomasz has also provided legal assistance within the sector, including advice on the degree of implementation by DSOs of obligations related to the development of electromobility, the legal conditions for the development of gas infrastructure (including subsea infrastructure), the mode and forms of performance of mandatory gas reserves, and the requirements for meeting the obligations to achieve final energy savings under the Energy Efficiency Act. In the area of geological and mining law, he has provided legal support in matters related to the pre-operation demethanization of coal seams and geological works including exploratory-exploitation wells.

The scope of his competences also encompasses the compliance, including advice on the impact of REMIT and MIFID II regulation packages on the operation of energy companies as well as the development of procedures to implement the obligations arising from these regulations.

In addition to his consultancy and legal work in the energy industry, Tomasz has also provided legal support in the implementation of large IT systems and intellectual property rights in the IT segment, and, in the financial sector, legal support for the processes involved in introducing shares and share allotment certificates to trading in the alternative trading system of the NewConnect market.

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