Wojciech bigaj of w&w law firm is the author of “will exchange obligations change the face of the polish gas market?

Wojciech Bigaj Energetyka cieplna i zawodowa (3/2014) / 13.05.2014

The author focuses, in particular, on one of the instruments for gas market liberalization – the exchange obligations. The primary responsibility related to the implementation of the obligations in the gas market is based on Article. 49b paragraph 1. According to this provision, an energy company engaged in the trade of gaseous fuels is required to sell no less than 55% of high-methane gas introduced in a given year to the transmission network.
The article offers an opinion in the discussion on the appropriateness and necessity of introducing exchange obligation, which raises significant concerns, owing to the fact that the implementation of the obligations will in practice be very difficult to carry out.

The article appears in the bi-monthly publication “Energetyka cieplna i zawodowa” (3/2014). You can read it here: